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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How To Draw A Peacock Worksheet

This free printable how to draw worksheet will give some tips and helps for the young artist who is trying to do a complicated project. Using a few suggestions to simplify and organize the process helps to make a beautiful picture.

Parents and teachers will find lots of ways this printable worksheet can be used in class and at home.

To learn how to draw takes practice so draw every day. If the peacock doesn't turn out the way you like do not give up because you will have learned something about how to draw and that is success, and no one sees their mistakes as clearly as an artist. It may be that you have art talent for other subjects, so pick out a few of my worksheets and try different things. If you draw one or two every day you will become a fantastic artist.

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How to Draw a Peacock Worksheet.

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The body is like a skinny teardrop with a little head on top. There are short wing feathers going down from the side. The head has some feathers sticking out of the top like a crown. The beak is long and white. The eye is small and has a white area around it and a black area around the white area. The legs are skinny.

The tail feathers take time to do nicely so be ready to work on them for a while. Start with some guidelines to keep things even. Draw these lightly so you can erase later. Make the guidelines like five or six arches going over the body.

On the guidelines draw the eyes of the tail feathers. The eyes look like teardrops with a dot and a smile. Keep them the same size and space them evenly along the guidelines but not too close together. There is a bunch of feathers at the base of the tail, draw these like half circles going up from the body.

Starting with the eyes closest to the body draw the stem of each feather going from each eye to the body, use a line for each side of the stem. On the stems are fine hairs that go out draw these as short light lines.

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