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How To Draw A Lop Eared Rabbit Free Worksheet

How to draw a lop-eared rabbit drawing lesson and printable worksheet.
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FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your sketch does not turn out right do not give up, you are learning and it takes practice. No one is as hard on themselves as a real artist so frustration is a sign that you have the gift- you just need to improve your skill. Come back every day to find some other drawing worksheets and do them; soon you will be drawing beautiful pictures.

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How to Draw A Lop Eared Rabbit Free Worksheet by MrAdron.


Start with a light pencil like a 2b and draw lightly so you can erase later. Build the shape using circles to compose the structure of the drawing. Draw a circle for the head and a larger circle for the body. Use a guideline down the middle to keep things even. At the bottom add two circles next to each other on each side of the guideline for the front feet. Place two oval-like circles for the rear feet, space these a little higher and leave a little space first two.

The front legs are short curving lines that touch the paws on the outside edges and a short line in between the paws.

The face has big cheeks, draw these as two large circles on the lower half of the head. Use a guideline going across the face halfway down the head, the eyes are slightly above the guideline, and the nose is slightly below the guideline. The eyes are almond-shaped pointing downward. There is a little bulge of skin under the eye draw it simply as a line. The nose is a letter "Y" going down. The mouth is two small curving lines going upward in the middle. underneath

The ears are two long lines going down to a point and back up, give the ears a little curve for interest. You can make them as long as you want since some lop-eared rabbits have very long ears.

The paws are furry and the claws are hidden in the fur.

Erase the extra lines and the guidelines.

Take your time with, you might want to take a few breaks to do the fur. Use short lines and go over the lines that you drew for the form.

To make the shadows use the same short lines but go over the areas extra and build up the darkness of the fur.

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