Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to Draw A Dolphin Drawing Lesson For Young Artist.

This free printable drawing worksheet is an easy lesson that uses a few simple lines to draw a dolphin and young artist are quick to master this project.

The worksheet below may be printed by highlighting it and sending it to your printer or saving to you device to print later.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw takes practice do draw every day, come back often and try my other projects and soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

How to draw a Dolphin worksheet.

Once you master the basic shape you can have them doing all kinds of things in your pictures. Drawing the dolphin is all about graceful lines. Take your time and make the lines flow like water.

Start with a simple arch like a rainbow.  The back of the arch near the tail is bent more than the front near the nose.

Draw the line for the bottom.  It will be an arch too, but straighter for the first 2/3rd of the way.

Lightly draw a triangle for the top fin.  Make it near the center. There are different types of dolphins and some have the fin more forward and other's have the fin more back, so don't worry if it is not perfect.

Draw the triangle for the lower fin.

Draw a triangle for the back flipper; it is like a flattened triangle.

Go over your lines with a darker pencil or marker, make the lines flow.

The nose is rounded.  The mouth goes almost all the way to the eye.

The eye is a round shadow with a line through it.

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