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How To Draw Medusa Face With Snakes Worksheet

This free printable drawing worksheet, How To Draw Medusa, may be downloaded to your device and printed easily. Medusa is a fun villain to draw, and not hard; if you make a mistake with the face it will make the monster nature of it look even better.

Just highlight and send to your printer or save for later.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT; If your drawings do not turn out the way you want do not give up learning to draw takes practice so draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back often and try a few projects for ideas.

How To Draw Medusa Worksheet 
Start with the face and save the snakes for later after you have the face looking good then the picture will be about Medusa and not just a bunch of snakes.

The face starts out like an egg with the pointy end down for the chin. Use guidelines to keep everything even. One guideline straight up and down dividing the face in right and left halves. The eyes are halfway down so draw a light line to keep them even. The nose is about half way from the eyes to the chin, draw a faint line to mark it off keep it straight. The mouth is halfway from the nose to the chin; draw a guideline to keep that straight. The ears are on the same lines as the nose and the eyes.

Add the details of the face starting with the eyes. Keep your focus on the guidelines you drew before. The tops of the eyes are arches and the bottoms are straight across. Draw the circle of the iris even though the lids cover part of them if you draw the whole circle it works out better. This portrait has snake eyes so I put in slits for pupils.

The nose starts out shaped like a letter "U" right in the center, draw parenthesis "( )"on each side of the nose to give the nostrils effect then connect the bottom of the "U" to the parenthesis giving it a slight curve up on each side.

The mouth starts out like a flat "M" and a wide curve underneath. Keep them in the guidelines the outside of the mouth should be no wider than the pupils of the eyes.

Add some wrinkles around the eyes cheeks and mouth to give her the hag look. The eyebrows are optional, if you want to make her more monstrous leave the eyebrows off, draw them lightly and decide if you like them or if you want to make her look more snake like without the eyebrows.

Erase the guidelines.

Draw the neck starting at the ears and going down and slightly out. The bottom of the ears are at the same level as the nose.

To do the snakes start with scribbling swirls going randomly all over the head.  Keep them light so you can erase the extra lines. Go over the scribbling swirls to form the snakes twisting all over the head. The heads of the snakes slope down to the jaw and the jaw is flat. I keep the eyes simple and don't add too many forked tongues. One or two should have their mouths open and fangs dripping venom.
I used fine tipped markers to draw the examples. The color illustration was drawn in fine tip marker and then colored with Prismacolor pencils.

Illustration from How to Draw Medusa lesson
Illustration How to Draw Medusa
(c) Adron

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