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How To Draw A Dragon Face. Lesson and Worksheet

This free printable drawing worksheet, How To Draw A Dragon,s Face, is a simple lesson on how to draw a dragon face that will give the young artist confidence. There are thousands of variations of dragons you can draw. So if you make a mistake don't worry about it you may have invented a new type of dragon.

Just highlight and send to your printer or save for later. If you have problems printing try dragging the image to your desktop and printing from there. See the tab above for suggestions.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT; If your drawings do not turn out the way you want do not give up learning to draw takes practice so draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back often and try a few projects for ideas.

A worksheet for drawing lesson on how to draw a dragon
Worksheet for How to Draw a Dragon Lesson

I start by making an outline using basic shapes. I suggest you draw lightly so that you can erase the extra lines when you are done.

Draw three circles; make one big for the head and two smaller circles, one for the nose and one for the chin, out a little away from the first large circle, this will form the snout part of the face. Connect the circles with four lines; two lines from the nose to the large circle and two lines from the chin to the large circle.

The mane is made by drawing three letter "Cs" at the inside back of the large circle: add two lines for the top and the bottom of the mane. The letter "C" marks should touch the back of the large circle.

Give the lip and the mouth a curve.

The eye is a circle with a curved line above it and touching the top of the circle. Draw a line crossways underneath, curve it just a little, draw a line up and down in the eye make it like a letter "V" but curved a little.

Make the neck with two lines curving lines they should be wider at the bottom.

Two curved lines make the horn, and a curved line finishes the jaw.

Draw ridges along the back, shape these by drawing double letter "C" connected so they have curves.

Draw the teeth like long skinny triangles.

Erase any extra lines.

Add scales and shadows.

I did the illustration with sharpie pens and colored it with pencil.

Illustration for a drawing lesson for how to draw a dragon.
Illustration For How To Draw A Dragon 

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