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Thursday, June 14, 2012

How To Draw The Face Of The Old Wizard

This free printable drawing worksheet, How To Draw The Face Of The Old Wizard, is an easy drawing lesson that can be for drawing any old man.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT; If your drawings do not turn out the way you want do not give up learning to draw takes practice so draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back often and try a few projects for ideas.

A worksheet for how to draw a wizard.
How To Draw An Old Wizard Worksheet

To print just highlight and send it to your printer or save to our device to print later. Some programs work better if you drag the image to the desktop and print from there. If you have problems see the how to print tab above for some suggestions.


Start your drawing with a 2b pencil and draw lightly. You can go over it with a darker pencil or marker after you have the basic design worked out.

The face starts out as an oval. Divide it in half going up and down with a line. Keep everything on both sides the same distance from the line so that his face stays balanced
The eyes are in the middle on the line drawn across the face; this line should help keep one eye from being too high or lower than the other. Start them as circles and then draw the eyelids over them. The bottom eyelid goes down so he looks old and tired.  He has pale eyes so don't color them in.

The eyebrows are white and bushy; don't do too much just some shadow on the lower part of the eyebrow and a few hairs sweeping upward.

The nose is little more than half way to the chin, it is big. (People's noses still grow as they age.)  It is like three circles; a big circle with two smaller circles on each side. Shadow the bottom. It should go down over the mustache a little.

The ears are big. They are as high as the eyebrows on top and as low as the bottom of the nose.

The hair and beard are thin and white. Draw a few long lines going down, try to keep from getting carried away, since we want him to have white hair.
He has white hair with some gray streaks .If you make the background dark that will make the hair look whiter.

His mouth is partly hidden by the mustache, only the bottom lip shows; it is a wavy thin line, with a shadow underneath.

Add a lot of wrinkles in the face especially around the eyes.

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