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How To Draw A Goldfish, Lesson and Worksheet

This free drawing worksheet is an easy drawing lesson for a young artist and makes drawing a goldfish simple. The artist can begin with this example and add their own style or details to suit their purpose. There are no straight lines in this drawing so if you can't draw a straight line you should do fine!

This worksheet and project notes below may be printed by parents and teachers for personal and classroom use. It can be given out as an extra credit assignment in class or as a take home project.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw is something that takes practice, so draw everyday. If you make a mistake and the goldfish doesn't turn out the way you hoped do not get discouraged because you have learned something and that will make your next drawing better. Remember no one sees their mistakes as clearly as a true artist. Try to draw as many different subjects as you can, I have lots of worksheets to choose from come back and print a few every day for a while and you will be surprised at how good an artist you became.

How To Draw a Goldfish Worksheet.
To print the worksheet above just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. Some people have better luck by dragging the image to their desktop and printing from there. If you have problems see the how to print tab above.

Start with a basic shape by drawing two curved lines, one going up and over for the back and one going down and over for the "tummy;" the lines will connect at the nose and tail. Draw the tail first as a large triangle.

Draw the top, dorsal, fin (fin #1)  with two lines going up and curving back, the long one starts halfway across the back, the other line is shorter and almost at the tail. A third line curves down from the long first line to the shorter second line

The back of the tail curves inward, draw two lines for the curve. (These lines for the tail and fins do not have to be perfect because if the fish is swimming the fins are moving and might be turned or twisted.)

 Fin #2 is a front fin where the neck would be and a little higher than the bottom "tummy" line. It is just two lines curving toward a blunt point.  Fin #3 it is a little larger and is also just two lines curving to a blunt point.  Fin #4 is at the back of the bottom; it is three lines, a long one starting a little behind the halfway point curving backwards, the second line is short and about 2/3 of the way toward the tail from the first line, the third line is almost straight and connects the two. The fins have hair-thin bones in them, draw these carefully, start at the body line and sweep outward lifting your pencil or marker as you go so they get thinner at the end.

The eye is a black circle with a white ring around it and a thin black ring around the white ring. If you are drawing in marker or pencil outline the white ring lightly with a black circle but don't make it too dark. The mouth is a short downward line. The gills are just two or three curved line in front of the fin about where the neck would be.

Example how to draw a goldfish art lesson.

I did not choose to draw the scales, if you draw scales don't make them too small or too big, take your time to make them even by drawing a light "grid" or some light guidelines to keep the pattern from getting crooked then erase the grid or guidelines when you are done.

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