Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Draw a Balcony Worksheet

This printable how to draw worksheet for a Juliet balcony is a rewarding project for the young artist. One can add a few elements to give the picture a special interest such as a person in the balcony or below it.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT:  Do not get discouraged if your drawing does not turn out the way you wanted. Learning to draw takes practice, so do not give up. Draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back often and try some of my other projects.

How to Draw a Juliet Balcony Worksheet
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The project is simple. It begins by drawing a block. Use a ruler if you like. Keep all the lines parallel. It is drawn at an angle and seen from below, so you draw the bottom but not the top. Below the block add triangles for the braces, use a double line to make it look wide. Use guidelines to keep things even on both braces.

Add decorations: use arches and circles. Add an edge by drawing double lines on the top and bottom.

The door is an arch, this is really rare since most are square doors, but we like the shape- it gives contrast from all the straight lines. You can trace around a jar lid for the arch.  Draw an extra line around the arch for the door frame.

Put one door closed and one open, the door is straight lines diving the arch in half and a second pair of lines dividing it down the middle. The windows are divided into small frames with cross pieces use two lines for the cross pieces so they have thickness.

The wall is huge stone blocks. Trace over some lined paper to keep them straight and even on both sides of the door. The vertical lines are staggered. Add texture to the stones with spots or rubbing.

These old houses have ivy growing on them so draw little leaves shaped like wedges and hearts up one side.

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