Friday, May 17, 2013

How To Draw A Dragon Worksheet

This free lesson and printable worksheet is how you can draw a dragon standing like a man.  It is a human dragon hybrid so you can have fun designing armor for him.

This worksheet may be printed by highlighting it and sending it to your printer. If you have problems printing see the how to print tab above for help.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your drawing does not turn out the way you hoped do not give up- no one is as critical of their work as much as a true artist!. Learning to draw takes practice, so draw every day, and come back and print another worksheet soon you will be an artist. Try different projects and draw a lot of different stuff, I have a lot of worksheets to choose from so do something different every day and soon you will find what your talent is.

How To Draw A Dragon Standing Worksheet.
Draw lightly at first so you can erase later on.

Like drawing a human figure we start with an articulated stick figure, where we have the joints marked off with little circles. This helps us to get the pose right. Use a guide line down the center so things are even on both sides and not lopsided, erase this line later. He is holding his egg so the hands are together at the center, the palms are up and the thumbs point out.

After we are happy with the position of the pose next draw circles and ovals to fill in the muscles and flesh. Do the wings and armor last.

After you have the drawing the way you like it go over the best lines with a darker pencil or marker and erase the extra lines.

I did this drawing with marker pens so I was only using black and grey. I tried to leve a few areas white and some areas I drew very black that gives interest and contrast. I gave the skin of the dragon texture with a dot technique. The wings were smudged with an almost dried up marker so it has a different texture.

Dragons can be any color.

Have fun.

(c) Adron

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