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How To Draw An Angelfish Worksheet

How to draw an Angelfish worksheet. This free to print worksheet is easy to follow and gives the young artist satisfaction in doing a beautiful picture. Parents and teachers will be able to use it in class and at home. It can be used as an art lesson by itself or as an extra activity or as a hand out to do on one's own time.

A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Drawing takes practice so if your angelfish sketch does not come out the way you hoped do not give up, keep on drawing and in a short time you will be drawing beautiful pictures. I have many projects so come back often and try a few more.

How to Draw an Angelfish Worksheet
To print the free how to print worksheet above just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. if you have problems see the how to print tab above.

You may want to print the project notes below.

Start by lightly drawing the outline, use basic shapes to get the design right. The body is shaped like a sideways teardrop. The tail starts as a triangle, the top and bottom fin start out as a triangle.

The lines of the fins and tail taper and flow to the back with a curve. The tail curves gently and has long spikes on the top and bottom. The head is like a rounded bump at the front of the fish. The eye is a circle at the head. The mouth is open with a longer upper lip and a shorter lower lip.  The fin on the side is an irregular rectangle; there are two long feather-like fins under the front that flow backward.

There is a half circle for the gill, but flat at the top. The upper jaw has a ridge, draw it as a slight line over the mouth. There are lots of bones in the fins, take your time and draw them carefully and slowly. The eye is a black dot inside a round circle.

The first black stripe goes right across the eye and down to the bottom The second stripe is a third of the way back, it is narrow. The third stripe is widest and ii is at the back third, it continues up into the top and down into bottom fin. There are faint stripes on the tail and on the fins.

If you add scales take your time and draw careful rows of straight lines and then turn them into scales.

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