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How to Draw The Pirate Queen Worksheet

How to Draw the Pirate Queen Worksheet is a fun project for any artist.  parents and teachers will find many ways to use this project to encourage young artist.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your sketch does not turn out the way you hoped do not give up- no one is as critical of their work as much as a true artist! Learning to draw takes practice so draw every day, and come back and print another worksheet soon you will be an artist. Try different projects and draw a lot of different stuff, I have a lot of worksheets to choose from so do something different every day and soon you will find what your talent is.

How to Draw the Pirate Queen Worksheet
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The face is basic. Start with an egg shape for the head, and use some reference guidelines to keep the features in place. One guideline up and down a little to the right since we are looking at at slight turn of the head. Half way down draw across a guideline for the eyes and halfway again to the chin draw a line for the nose and halfway to the chin from there draw another for the mouth.

The neck connects where the ears are attached, so it is wide.

The eyes are almond shaped. The eyebrows are dark and thick but taper to an elegant point.

The mouth is full so the upper lip is all shadow. it looks like letter "M" but very spread out. The lower lip is only shown by the shadow underneath.

The nose is only shown by the shadow on the right side and a little mark for the nostril keep it simple. The line of the nose continues up to the eyebrow ridge.

Draw one shoulder higher and the other shoulder low for interest.

The hat starts as a large letter "M" spread way over both sides of the head. The bottom is low over the brow. In the middle of the "M" shape draw a hump.  If the hat is too hard draw a bandanna instead. They wore all kinds of hats not just the ones you see in the movies.

Draw the hair as an outline around the head first and then fill in the details. Draw it like shapes not as lines.

The clothing is three parts. The undershirt which is closest to the neck, the blouse which has a long folded down collar, and puffy sleeves. The last is a bodice it is a dark vest that is laced up the front.

Give her pearls gold chains and gold earrings.

 Click this link to see how to draw a pirate ship.

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