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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Draw Cleopatra Queen of Egypt Worksheet

This is a fun drawing project is rewarding and it is so much fun when you show it to someone and they say "I know who that is!"The Worksheet below may be printed for personal use.

There is a lot of things you can do with the portrait of Cleopatra since her crown sometimes covered the sides of her head, or sometimes went up high.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your sketch of Cleopatra does not turn out the way you had hoped do not give up you are learning to draw and it takes time and practice. Come back every day and print another drawing lesson and sketch it soon you will be surprised at what a good artist you are becoming.

How To Draw The Face Of Cleopatra Worksheet
If you have problems printing the worksheet see the how to print tab above for some helpful tips.

You may want to print the project notes below, too.

Start with a basic oval or egg shape for the head. User reference lines to place the features evenly. One reference line down the middle helps to keep things from getting too right or left. The eyes are halfway between the top of the head and the chin. The nose is halfway from the eyes to the chin and the mouth is halfway from then nose to the chin. The ears are no higher than the eyes and no lower than the moth.

Get the face right before you start the hair, crown or jewelry.

The eyes had heavy makeup but don't put it in until you have the eyes looking good first.  They arch over the top and are slightly curved on the bottom. The eyebrow is as long as the eye. The eyes are about as far apart as they are wide. So if the eyes are two inches wide the space between them should also be two inches.

Keep the nose simple, It is more shadow and shape, there are not many lines.

The width of the mouth reaches to the pupil of the eyes. Her lips are full, and the top lip is more shadow than the bottom lip and the bottom lip has a shadow underneath.

Save the fun stuff for last like the crown, the snake in the crown, the hooped earrings and the braided hair. The crown is part of a golden feathered headdress that sweeps out to the sides. Draw some guidelines first so it doesn't get messy.

Add shadow to give her more realism.

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