Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Draw Little Red Riding Hood Worksheet

This free to print worksheet will help give the young artist confidence in drawing a classic figure.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your sketch does not turn out the way you like do not give up, no one is so hard on themselves as an artist and if you are getting discouraged it shows you are thinking like an artist.  Come back every day and print off another how to draw worksheet and sketch it. Soon you will be surprised at what a good artist you are becoming.

How to Draw Little Red Riding Hood Worksheet

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The figure of the child has slightly different proportions, the head is larger the torso is more chubby and the limbs are shorter. With that in mind draw a stick figure of Red Riding Hood. Give this stick figure elbows, knees, hands feet, and a rectangle body. Sketch in the basket she is carrying so you can position the arms. Do not draw the clothing yet.

Once you have the pose correct work on the face. It is turned away looking over the shoulder. Use a guideline to keep the turn right. The child's face has a larger forehead, a smaller chin, and a small upturned nose. Keep the face simple. The eyebrows go down at the outside that will give her the worried look. The mouth is just two lines thick one going down for the shadow of the upper lip and a dash for the shadow of the lower lip. You can use her hair to hide mistakes.

Add thickness to the stick figure to give shape to the arms and legs.

Keep the hands simple. The thumbs are closest to the chest.

Lastly do the clothing. There is a hooded cape that has a wrap over the shoulders. There is a black dress and an apron. Give the clothing flowing lines like it is flapping in the wind.

Try wooden shoes. They look like the letter "W" on the bottom and have a pointed upturned toe. If the feet are too hard hide them with grass and flowers.

Add a forest behind her by drawing a few trees with dark areas between the trees, put lots of lots of bushes on the ground and between the trees.

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