Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How To Draw A Nice Tree Worksheet

How to draw a nice tree worksheet is a satisfying project that will give the young artist pleasure. Trees fill many areas in a picture. The worksheet below may be printed by parents and teachers for personal or class use. It was sketched using sharpie but the design will work in any medium.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: To learn how to draw well you must practice and draw everyday. Do not get discouraged if a project does't turn out the way you thought it would, look at it and ask yourself if you learned anything- if the answer is yes you are making important progress in learning to draw. You might find one of my other drawing lessons help more, so look them over and print off a few and try different projects. Come back every day for a while and find another worksheet because if you sketch every day you will become a good artist in no time.
How to Draw A Nice Tree Worksheet. 

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You may want to print the project notes below,

Every type of tree has a different shape, decide what shape you want your tree to be. Lightly draw the outside shape that you will fill in with the details.

The trunk is two lines that go down and out at the bottom. Draw the roots like wavy lines. Lightly draw some double lines for some branches so they will be ready to show through the leaves. The branches should go up and out like a Chinese paper fan.

Draw circles all over for the clusters of the leaves. Leave spaces around some of the branches so they will show through.

Draw the leaves by giving texture to the clusters you circled. The texture will make it look like leaves. The bottom leaves of each cluster will have pointed bottoms like the letter "V" or "W" the top leaves of each cluster will be rounded like the letter "M."

The bottom of the clusters will be darker. Between the clusters draw shadows. Remember to leave the branches showing.

The light should be on one side and the dark on the other. You can darken the texture for the dark side and lighten the texture for the light side.

Under the tree is shadow draw it like dark grass or lots of rocks.

Give the tree a world to live in such as a farm, forest, meadow city street or country lane.

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