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Sunday, September 8, 2013

How To Draw Sherlock Holmes Worksheet (classic pose)

How to draw the classic Sherlock Holmes is a fun and rewarding project that will give confidence and satisfaction to the young artist. The printable worksheet below may be printed for free. This face is in profile since it is the classic view to show the hawk like nose that he was famous for.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT:  If your drawing of Sherlock Holmes does not come out the way you had hoped do not get discouraged you are learning to draw and it takes practice. Draw every day, I have lots of lessons so come back daily and print off another and sketch it- soon you will be an artist.

How To Draw Sherlock Holmes Worksheet
To print the drawing worksheet just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. If you have problems printing see the how t print tab for suggestions.

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You may want to print the project notes below, too.

The head is shaped like an egg but tilted to the left at the bottom. Do not draw the hat or clothing until you have a good beginning on the face.

Mark off your proportions:
     * The eye is half way down the face.
     * The bottom of the nose is half way from the eye to the chin.
     * The mouth is half way from the nose to the chin.
     * The ear is almost in the center.

Use straight choppy lines where ever possible when adding detail since it will give him a rugged look.

The nose is hawk like so it sticks out and down like a rectangle .
There is a ridge on most faces over the eye and the top of the nose is back under the ridge.

The mouth is simple; The upper lip is is a line from the nose down and slightly out and then back and it curves down for the frown. The lower lip is a half circle that connects the upper lip and the chin. The chin is straight lines.

The eye is squinting. The top lid is arched, the bottom goes straight across from the nose and then curves up a little at the edge closest to the ear.

The ear is simple, a few curved lines

The hair is a mess, so draw a lot of curly shapes.

Shadow under the eye for bags and put wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Put a shadow under the cheekbone and use dots on the upper lip like a mustache.

Lastly draw the hat, coat, overcoat and wool scarf.

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