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Sunday, January 19, 2014

How To Draw A Portrait Of St Patrick Of Ireland Worksheet

This is a fun project and can be adapted to any number historical people. This how to draw a portrait worksheet will be helpful for young artist and beginners. It can be used as a class project or for fun at home. Art students, Parents, and teachers may copy the worksheet below and the project notes for personal use. Just highlight, copy and save to your device.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Success in drawing is like anything else and takes practice. If the portrait does not turn out OK just look at and ask yourself if you learned something about drawing. If the answer is yes you have a success. Drawing faces are not for everybody if the portrait of St Patrick does not turn out well try some of my other projects, soon you will find one that turns out great. Do one or two of my drawing worksheets every day and in a few weeks you will be surprised at how good you are becoming.

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How To Draw A Portrait of St. Patrick Worksheet

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Our version of St Patrick has a short bishop's hat and a beard. The temptation is to draw them too soon and not have a well-developed face as a result, so save the beard and hat until the face is satisfactory.

Start drawing light so you can erase later. Draw the basic shape of the face as an egg or oval. Draw three guidelines across the face. The first will divide the face in half from the top to the bottom, here is where we will position the eyes. Draw another guideline halfway frrm the first to the bottom for the nose and draw one more from that to the bottom for the mouth. Use a guideline down the center to help keep things even.

EYES. The eyes touch the bottom of the first guideline, they are evenly spaced apart and have as much space between them as they are wide. The iris are circles, draw them completely then draw a curving line over the top of them for the upper lid. There are a lot of wrinkles around the eyes since he is old.
NOSE. The bottom of the nose dips down so start it as a "U" shape. On both sides draw parenthesis ( ). Use shadow technique to shade under the nose and on the side of the face away from the light. The ridge of the nose is narrow but do not draw it- use shadow technique on the side away from the light to indicate this.
MOUTH.   The upper lip is covered by the mustache so only the bottom lip showing. The bottom lip is like two ovals sideways that partly overlap in the middle. The bottom is in shadow so use shading technique.
EARS. The ears are partly hidden by the long hair only the bottom lobs show they are just a pair of curving lines
WRINKLES. There are deep wrinkles around the mouth, and light wrinkles under the eyes, beside the eyes, between the eyes, and across the forehead.

The beard is a series of wavy lines going down to an pair of uneven points. The hair is wavy and starts on the forehead above the eyebrows and go out to beside the ears and curls under below the ears. Draw the hair with wavy lines.

The light comes from one side and makes shadows on the other this give it depth.

The bishops hat is shaped like a diamond. It is divided in third with a cross in the middle. Color it green. He has a robe and a cloak they are green with white.

St. Patrick, Illustration For How to Draw Lesson.

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