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How To Draw A Roman Legion Soldier Worksheet

This project is how to draw an ancient Roman Legion foot soldier. I researched and have tried to make it historically accurate without too much challenge to the young artist. The Roman Legionnaire is a simple basic figure with military details like armor, shield and weapons.

This drawing lesson is perfect for parents, teachers, and home school use. It can be part of a lesson or a take home project.

How To Draw A Roman Legion Soldier Worksheet
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Use the stick figure technique to draw a man standing. Use circles for the major joints and bend the arm at the elbow. Add in the line for the spear and an a large rectangle for the shield.

Around the stick figure add the thickness of the arm and the leg. Draw the torso as a boxy rectangle.

The helmet is a half circle on top. It has a bold line across the brow. The helmet has two side guards that cover the cheeks, they are drawn with curved lines. Behind the helmet is a neck guard, only the edges show out of the sides like narrow triangles.
The body armor is a series of rectangles that come over the shoulder and another set of rectangles that wrap the body. They have buckles in the middle.
The kilt looks like a skirt that goes almost to the knee. It is leather strips that look like long rectangles

The hand is wrapped around the spear so you are looking at the back of the hand. Draw it like a square but curved outward no the side toward the solder. The thumb is on the back side of the spear just draw a half circle where it comes across.

The spear has two parts, the wooden shaft and the metal lance. Use a ruler or straight edge to draw this so it looks good.
The short sword hangs on a belt that comes down from behind the shield. The sword is a rectangle and goes from the waist to the knee, at the bottom is a triangle. The hilt is simple, a circle on the top, the grip curves inward slightly and there is a short cross piece.
The shield has a metal edge, draw the edge as two parallel lines that go around the shield. In the middle of the shield is a metal round piece, draw it as a circle with a square around it. The shields were decorated, so draw lightning bolts or eagles or lions on it.

Keep the face simple. Make the jaw and chin square. Draw eyebrows as a thick straight line. Draw the eyes as straight lines with dots below. The nose is a line going down and over a little bit. The mouth is a straight line with a little downward dash at the end.

The feet are like rectangles but a little pointed on the large toe. The sandals have three straps going over and two straps wrapping around the ankle.

Draw the cape last.

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If your drawing of the Roman Legion Soldier does not turn out the way you hoped do not get discouraged. Learning to draw is something that takes practice. Come back every day and pick out a few other drawing worksheets and draw them. In no time you will be a good artist.

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