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How To Draw The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo, Free Drawing Worksheet.

This How To Draw The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Quasimodo worksheet may be used by parents and teachers for classroom and home use. It may be a class project or a take-home project.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw takes practice so draw every day. Come back to this blog each day and print a few more worksheets to do and before long you will be an artist. Do not get discouraged if your drawing of the Quasimodo the Hunchback does not turn out the way you had hoped, you are learning, and your next picture will be better. Some people have a talent for portrait and some have a talent for landscapes so try different projects and soon you will find what you have a talent for.

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How To Draw The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Worksheet

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Some people start on the humpback but that is only a minor detail, so save it for later on even last. Do the face first because the story is in the expression and the pose. Draw a large oval or egg shape for the head, make sure it is leaning over on one side. Draw a guideline down the center to help reference things. Use a stick figure technique for the arms, shoulders, and hands to get the pose right. Because he is hunched over and leaning forward the shoulders look like they are at his ears.

Since the face is deformed it is OK if things are off center.
     * The eyes are halfway down and are just two curved lines going down with half circles below.
     * The nose is like three large circles in the middle of the face.
     * The mouth is almost like a lopsided triangle.
     * Make the upper lip like the letter "m."
     * The ear is big and sticking out of the side of the head.
     * The hair is only above the ear and a little above the forehead.
     * Give the face wrinkles and two or three baggy chins by drawing curving lines.
     * Put a few warts here and there.
     * Give him three teeth on top and on on the bottom.

Use large circles and ovals to go around the stick figure form and fill out the arms and shoulders. After the form looks right sketch over it the shirt and tunic. Keep the hands simple they are mostly seen on the side. The thumb is at the back and sticks up over the top.

Draw the arch behind him and the part of the bell showing behind the arch. The balcony railing is full of fancy decorations start them as circles and then connect the circles into decorations. Fill in the spaces between the decorations with arches and lines.

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