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How To Draw A Face Of A Viking, Free Worksheet.

This is a simple face drawing project and gives young artist confidence in drawing a man with a beard.  Parents and teachers will be able to use this in the classroom and at home.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Do not get discouraged if your Viking sketch doesn't turn out like you want it to. Drawing takes practice. Come back every day and print another free worksheet and sketch it, soon you will be making pictures you will be proud of.

To print the worksheet above just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. Some people have better luck printing by copy and save to a word document and printing the document. (You may need to change the margins in your toolbar). If you have problems printing see the how to print tab above or try the updated link below.

How to Draw a Viking Face.

Here is a link to a file that may print better, CLICK HERE.


This Viking face is a man's face with a short beard. He is wearing a helmet that has a slight point and nose piece.

Every head has a different shape but this one is hidden by the helmet and the beard so it is almost impossible to make mistakes.

Draw a large oval for the head. Use guidelines to keep things even. Place a guideline straight up and down for the center. Draw a guideline halfway down across the face for the eyes. Place a guideline halfway between the eyes and the chin for the nose and one halfway from there to the chin for the mouth.

The eyes are on the guideline half way down. The tops are like arches drawn with straight lines; first up, then over, then across. The lower eyelid is almost straight across but just a little curved. Draw a shadow below. Draw a shiny spot before you do the iris or the pupil.

The nose is partially hidden by the helmet nose piece. Draw two lines like the parenthesis for the outer nostril shape and a line like a slight "V" between them.

The upper lip is hidden by the mustache, the lower lip is more of a shadow below going across.

The hair is stringy. Do not try to draw every line, just get the shape. Not all Vikings had long hair, so this one has his hair- just collar length. The hair does not just go down but poofs out a little from under the helmet. Draw the bottom edge of the hair and the beard with a lot of short choppy lines. Then have a few long lines going all the way.

Save the helmet for last. The helmet is not rounded but has a slight point. It is wider than the head. Draw an arch over the head but give it the slight point. There are metal straps going around it and over the top, draw them as double lines. Draw the nose piece with a rectangle. Add circles for the nails.

Give him some scars. Use shading to give the face a rounded look.

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