How To Draw A Ballerina On One Toe Worksheet. Free Printable Drawing Lesson

The free drawing worksheet below may be printed by highlighting it and sending it to your printer or saving to your device and printing later.

I admit this is very simplified but it is a good beginner project and helps with drawing the basic human form. If a person takes their time and works with it this can be a very nice picture.

There is more than one way to approach drawing the human figure. This technique starts with a stick figure that is articulated with joints for the elbows, wrist knees, hips, ankles etc. In our pose she is on one toe, the other leg is extended back and the arms are raised up. Use a sharp pencil and draw lightly at first so you can erase later.

Since the dancer has a slender figure draw lines around the stick figure to give it thickness. Add curves for the muscles and joints.

Keep the hands, feet, and face simple. Do not try to draw every finger and all the face. It is art and can express perfection without drawing perfectly.

The hands start like the stick figure body. Think of drawing the bones first, draw the finger bones, the hand bone and the thumb bone, then draw around them to make them thick. Use the same technique for the foot she is standing on, but the foot out back is only an oval.

Keep the face simple, her head is tilted back. Use guidelines to make a cross in the center of the head, that is where the ear will be, The eye will be at the bottom of the cross arm. Keep the chin small. Make the nose small and pointed up a little. Use a sloping line for the eye .

Do the clothing last. The skirt is airy and has waves. The top is skin tight.

How to Draw A Ballerina On One Toe

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How To Draw The Dove of Peace. Free Printable Worksheet.

The free worksheet at the bottom of this post and the project notes below may be printed by highlighting them and sending to your printer or saving to print later. You can give this as an extra class activity or hand it out as a do at home project.

Keep the image white as possible. The wings are medium to small for its body size. The tail is medium to large. The beak is small.

Plan to have the dove at an angle which is more dramatic not just straight up and down- which is boring. Draw a line for the axis, this line goes from the tip of the head to the tip of the tail. Next draw a line across for the leading edge of the wings, Draw lightly at this point since you will want to erase some of this later.

Use an oval for the body, draw this on the axis line. The top will be at the wing edge and will end at the base of the tail. The tail is like a Chinese fan, the head is a circle that goes over the oval of the body just a little. The wings have a curving line going from the edge to the tail. Draw a line on each side of the body to the wing and round it off for the shoulder.

Don't draw too many feathers. Eight or nine on each wing and ten or eleven on the tail will be fine. Mark the feathers off for spacing before you draw them so they are all even and the same size. make them round on the ends.

The eyes are black and almost round, with just a slight almond shape. The beak is a triangle.Keep the feet simple, a few curved lines will work.

Do not color the dove, just use a little shadowing. Color the sky and leave the dove white.

Free How To Draw A Dove Of Peace Worksheet.
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