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How to Print

The help page for trying to print pictures from websites. (If you have permission to do so. See comment at the bottom of this page for my limited permissions.)

If you click on the image it should open up a new window with the image.
You should be able to print or save from there.

If your printer dialog box has a feature for borderless printing try that, it will help center and fill the page to the edges.

Sometimes the printer dialogue box doesn't work so click on the image and drag it to your desktop, where it will become an icon.
     * Then right click on the icon to get a menu, choose print
     * Now you should get a preview with a small image and a choice to fit the picture to frame. choosing the fit picture to frame should allow a full image to fill the page.
If it doesn't
     * From the same preview choose options (not print) then...
     * click on printer properties then
     * Features then
     * Next click fit the page or borderless
     * Then ok
     * Then print.

If it does not come to the correct size then save it to a word document. You can do this by right-clicking on the blog picture and choosing copy image on it. Next, open up a blank word document and past to the word document. It should come to the correct size and orientation.

My newer coloring pages have an optional pdf file link, (PDFs need you to download the temporary file and then open the temporary file and print from there, it is really simple just a couple of clicks.) You might try to convert the image to pdf you can download a free word to pdf tool online if your program does not already have one. Or if the pdf is not working try to convert to word. Often a pdf converter will do that.

If it still doesn't come in the correct size then click on the image that you pasted into word- it will have some lines around it and circles in the corners. Put your courser on the corner circle and drag to enlarge the image.

If the image refuses to go where you want it to go on your page then right click on your mouse, choose the image setting on the list (near the bottom) choose to put the image in front of the text feature. Then it should go where you want it.

If the image does not want to fill the page or if it wants to go to the right side and part of it disappearing then the preset margins are in the way. If that happens look to the toolbar at the top of your screen and click on the tab for page layouts.  On the left is an icon for the margins, click on the icon and scroll to the bottom for the custom margins feature. Reset the margins to 0 and save (It will only affect this document). The image should fill up the page and print nicely.

I offer my art as a free service, (but donations are welcome). All copyright laws apply, so please do not reproduce for distribution in any medium for profit any of my work. I give permission to individuals to use and reproduce a reasonable limited quantity for personal use and classroom use. Friends and partners may post a few images to their websites as long as attribution is given and a link back to my blog is included. I, in turn, will list a link to their site in my other resources colum in the sidebar.