How to Print

The easiest way is to click on the image it will open up a new tab with the image.
You can print directly from there.

If your printer dialog box has a feature for borderless printing try choosing that, it will help center and fill the page to the edges.

Try using your word to pdf converter if you have one, (there are free converter tools online if you do not already have one) or the word program may already have it look through your pull down options for saving.

If you are still having problems try the steps below.

Click on the image and drag it off to your desktop, it will become an icon there.
     * Next right click on that icon and you will have a menu, choose print
     * Now you should get a preview with a small image and a choice to fit picture to frame. choosing the fit picture to frame should allow a full image to fill the page.
If it doesn't
     * From the same preview choose options (not print) then
     * click on or printer properties then
     * Features then
     * Next click fit the page or borderless
     * Then OK.
     * Then print.

Another method
If it does not print the correct size then save it to a word document. You can do this by right clicking on the blog picture and choosing copy image on it.
Next, open up a blank word document and paste to the word document. It should print the correct size and orientation.

If it still doesn't come in the correct size then click on the image that you pasted into word- it will have some lines around it and circles in the corners. Put your curser on the corner circle and drag to enlarge the image.

If the image does not want to fill the page or if it wants to go to the right side and part of it disappearing then the preset margins are in the way. If that happens look to the toolbar at the top of your screen and click on the tab for page layouts.  On the left is an icon for the margins, click on the icon and scroll to the bottom for the custom margins feature. Reset the margins to 0 and save (It will only affect this document). The image should fill up the page and print nicely.