Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Draw A Penguin For The Young Artist

How to Draw a Penguin
This free drawing worksheet, How To Draw A Penguin, is an easy and fund project. Penguins  have a lot of humorous personality and you can draw them doing all kinds of goofy and curious things. Here is an example of how to draw the Black footed penguin.

How to Draw A Penguin Free Worksheet
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Start with a #2 pencil and lightly draw 2 circles for the body, the bottom circle should be a little larger than the top. Draw a small circle for the head.
Connect the circle to make the beginning of the outline.

The top and bottom need to be flat (it might look like a mutant peanut).
Erase the extra lines.

Add triangles for the beak and the feet. Round off the feet slightly and make three slight arches for the webbed toes.

The wings are hardest. Draw them lightly and go over them with a darker pencil when you get them right.

Add the eye and shading.

There are many species of penguins, I have drawn the black foot penguin it is smaller than the emperor and has a shorter beak.

Illustration for how to draw a penguin

In my example I used felt markers for the black and the grays and colored pencils for the sky and ice. I thought it was too black and white so I added the blue sky. I put some rose, pink, lavender, and violet to the ice to give it more color. I just filled in broad areas with color without details so that the focus will be on Penny the Penguin.

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