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How to Draw the Arch Stone Bridge

This free printable drawing worksheet, How to Draw The Stone Arch Bridge will help give some ideas about how to draw a stone bridge picture.

To print the worksheet below just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later.  Some printers work better if you drag the image to your desktop and print from there. If you have problems see the "HOW TO PRINT" TAB above or try one of the links below.

How to draw a stone bridge in the woods
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This project is a little more complicated since it has a structure in a forest.  The arched stone bridge makes a great contrast to the woods, both in shape and texture.

Always start with the horizon, but here we are under the trees so there is not a normal horizon but I added the light at the edge of the woods and the bushes as the horizon. You would not put the focus or point of interest in the center but this time, it works. Draw the bridge as two arches then draw the "S" curve of the creek with two big "S"s. Sketch lightly the rocks and the tree trunks for the front trees.

Develop the foreground by adding the texture of leaves on the ground. Create shadows and roughness on the rocks with jagged strokes with your pencil. Shade and texture the tree trunks and add leaves.

The bridge is foreground so add stones and shading. Make the stones different shapes. Draw them lightly with a 2b pencil and after they look good then go over them with a darker pencil like a 4 or 6.

Keep the background light by only using a 2b or HB pencil. Don't put in a lot of details in the background just suggest trees and bushes with a few outline.

Build up the foreground with 4b pencils and more details and more leaves. Put a shadow under the bridge and leave the rest of the creek alone so it is white.

Take your time a drawing like this can take hours but it will be beautiful when you are done.

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