Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Draw a Frog

This free printable drawing worksheet, How to Draw A Frog may be downloaded to your device and printed easily. 

How to draw a frog step by step.

Frogs are fun to draw they have many different poses and moods, so you can do a lot with them.

Start by drawing a large oval for the body, a smaller oval, for the head and two circles for the eyes.  Be sure to make the eyes the same size.

Curved lines make the legs. The back feet are like long skinny triangles. There are three toes.The hands have three fingers and one thumb. Frogs have floppy hands so don’t worry if they are not perfect.

Draw the eyelids with curved lines and half-circles for the eyes. The smile is a simple curved line. Draw him on a lily pad or in a pond or a rock with water around it. Frogs can be any color. Color spots on his shoulders knees legs feet and hands. His belly is off white. You can draw him on a Lily pad like I did or on a rock or on a throne like the frog prince.

 Illustration for How to sketch a frog.

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