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Sunday, November 13, 2011


This free printable drawing worksheet, How To Draw Cartoon Mushroom People,  may be downloaded to your device and printed easily. These mushroom people are fun and always get your creative juices flowing. These are easy to draw so give them a try. Since they are white you can do a lot with pencil with these.

How to Draw Cartoon Mushroom People worksheet
Start with a simple cylinder and add the half circle cap to the top. Don't worry about making everything perfect it is just in not being perfect that makes these creatures interesting. Draw the circles for the eyes across the bottom line of the cap, and you can sketch eyebrows floating above. My mushroom people have mouths so draw a smile you can add a tooth if you like. I put a circle on each side of the base for feet, put one in front and one at back for interest.

Add whatever accessories that make sense for the person you are drawing like hats, gloves,tools, band-aids, sandals, goggles, scarves, belts, armor, helmets, pets,  Big lips, eyebrows, long tongue, purse, back-pack, weapons, mustache, freckles, or ponytails.

Take time to do a good job in coloring and shading, this is what makes the project stand out as a serious piece of art and not some kid daydream doodle.

Create your own:
Surfer Sam, The Prospector, Your Teacher, Mom, The Lion Tamer, The Explorer, The Sheriff, Farmer, Beauty Queen, Weight Lifter, Scientist, Pirate, Cop, Geek, Nerd, Joe cool, Biker, Mail Carrier, Student, Band member, Rocker, Jock, Gloria Gardener,  Holly Housewife, Chef, Cesar, Uncle Sam, Movie Star.

How about your family tree as mushroom people?  Or illustrate a famous story like Romeo and Juliet with mushroom people. Or copy a famous painting like Washington crossing the Delaware with mushroom people.

Make your family into a mushroom family and do a mushroom portrait of each member
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