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How To Draw Blossoms on a Tree. Worksheet For Young Artist.

This is a simple how to draw blossoms on a tree worksheet will  help the young artist draw sprint blossoms. There are tips and illustrations to make it easy to draw a beautiful picture.

BE ENCOURAGED: If your drawings do not turn out perfect do not give up because learning how to draw takes time and practice. So draw every day. You can come back to this blog and try other projects soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

To print the worksheet below just highlight it and send it to your printer. Some printers work better if you copy and past it into a word doc and print from there, (sometimes the margins are off but you can reset the margins on the word doc toolbar). If you have problems printing see the how to print tab above for some suggestions.

How to draw blossoms worksheet.

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It is not very hard to draw blossoms on a tree and if you take your time and use some colors it could be a beautiful picture.  If it is the first time you are trying a project like this then keep it simple.

There are different blossoms, some are crinkly some are fuzzy and some are geometric like ours here.

Start with a light pencil like a 2b and draw two or three circles for the blossoms.  Make five marks evenly spaced around the edge of the circle.   Draw a small circle in the center.

Draw five circles inside the big circle these five should touch the center and touch one of the five marks. Don't make these circles perfect keep them irregular and interesting.

Add a line starting from the center and going halfway down the middle of the five irregular circles.

In the center, circle draw three or four smaller circles.

Draw the leaves with two sweeping lines that curve out away and then back toward each other. Place them behind the blossoms, if you shade or color the leaves it will make the blossoms look brighter. If you want to add details you can add the ridges and veins of the leaves.

The buds are smaller circles at the end of a skinny line. Draw one or two curved lines through the buds to make individual petals.

The branch is not straight but a little zig-zag. Use short choppy lines to give it texture.

Erase the extra lines last.

You can color your picture. Use a reddish brown for the branch and add some purple for the shadow.
Make the sky light blue and put some purple splashes in the upper half.
The leaves are yellow highlights with green and a little blue for shadow.
The blossoms are mostly white but add a touch of pink around the edges and lavender for the shadows.

Watercolor  Illustration How to Draw Blossoms 
This illustration was done in watercolor you could easily use pastel or pencil. Good luck.

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