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How To Draw A Butterfly, Lesson for a Young Artsit

This free printable drawing worksheet, gives helpful tips on how to draw a butterfly so both wings are equal and matching. It is ideal for the beginner. Parents and teacher can use this is class or as a take home extra project.

You may download this by copying it and sending to your printer or saving to your device for for later.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Do not get discouraged if your drawings do not turn out the way you hoped. Learning to draw takes practice just like everything else, so draw every day.  Come back often to print off another project and try it- soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

How to Draw a Butterfly worksheet. "Blue Pansy Butterfly"
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It is not hard to draw a nice and beautiful butterfly. There are thousands of different butterflies,that means if yours doesn't look just right you might have drawn one of the others by accident- so you can't really make a mistake.

The important thing is to take you time at the beginning to make sure that both wings are even and match on both sides.

Start out with a light pencil, that way you can erase later on, and draw the basic outline. Make the outline with a few reference lines to help keep things even. Use one line up and down to reference the body. Draw a light circle to get the head in the right place. Use three lines to start the wings the first one across like a "T" on the line you drew for the body, make sure it is lower than the head, and goes the same distance on both ends.  Draw two lines downward and out for the top of the lower wing. You butterfly will look like a stick figure right now but that will change.

Mark the outside edges of the wings, make sure the edges are an even distance from the vertical guide line on both sides. The wings have rough edges, draw sweeping lines in and out to give them shape. There are six or seven veins in each wing. The lower wing has a red dot outlined in black draw it lightly but color it last.

The head is slightly oval. It is not black but brown grey, color it later. The antenna are straight lines that form a long "V" with little bumps on the inside ends.

The body is drawn like two long ovals overlapping in the middle and slightly overlapping the head. The body is not a s long as the wings but a little shorter.

Use a fine tip marker and trace your pencil marks and then erase the pencil.  Color the pattern blue and black Put a little purple in the blue and a little purple in the black.

My illustration is a Blue Pansy (Junoia arithia), it was drawn in sharpie pen and then painted with watercolors.
How to draw a butterfly

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