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How to Draw an Oak Tree, Drawing Worksheet For Young Arist.

This free printable how to draw an oak tree worksheet is simple to follow and gives they young artist confidence in drawing a majestic old tree. Few things are as beautiful as an old oak tree. They are wonderful subjects for drawings and add interest to a landscape.

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FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw takes practice and time, so do not give up if your projects do not turn out the way you hoped, keep on drawing every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back to this blog often and print other projects and try them.

How to draw an oak tree worksheet.
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Start with a 2h or 2b pencil and lightly draw the basic outline in three lines. The first line is like a wide rainbow or umbrella. The next two lines are the sides of the trunk they are widely spaced and curve inward.

The leaves are in bunches at the end of the branches, so draw a lot of circles almost randomly inside the rainbow shape this is just to be like an outline. Now start to add detail and texture to the leaves by drawing lots of small squiggly lines inside those circles. Switch to a 4b or 6b pencil to make the leaves darker at the bottom of each circle group. Keep the top of each circle leaf group light. Add some branches wiggling out from behind and between the leaf groups.

The trunk is rough so draw lots of choppy vertical lines. Make one side of the trunk darker for the shade. The roots are shaped like a rounded letter "N" draw them a few times.

The grass is a lot of little clumps scattered. Keep them dark under the tree to make it look like shade.

Make a little world for your tree put some mountains in the background and other trees far away.

In my illustration at the bottom I used a fine tip marker and outlined the best lines then erased the pencils. I finished it with a little water color. I thought the tire swing was a nice touch as well as the heart carved into it since those little touches tell a story.

Take your time and you will have a picture you can be proud of.
Illustration for how to draw an oak tree lesson. 

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