Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to Draw an Eagle Face Lesson and Worksheet

This free printable drawing worksheet, How To Draw An Eagle Face, is a lesson for young artist and a worksheet.

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Eagles are beautiful and awesome creatures. You might feel the first effort to draw one is not successful. I recommend you make a few practice sketches, this is what professional artist do all the time. After you have worked out some of the hard parts then try to do a serious project.

How to draw an eagle looking at you. Worksheet.

The basic head shape is a circle.

Draw the top of the beak as a line. It starts a little above half way, draw it out and down.
The bottom of the beak is not a straight line but jagged.

The eye is a circle cut off at the top by the eyebrow.
The eyebrow tilts down at both ends.

After you get the basic shape modify the back of the head by extending the line out and down.
Draw a circle for the shoulder under the beak.

The eye has a black center and a shiny spot in the middle make it a square and be careful not to color over it.

The feathers on the body is slightly rounded at the tip.
The feathers on the shoulder are shorter and more rounded.

Color the feathers grey and use only a little black for the details.
The beak and the eye are yellow.
Add a little blue for the shadows on the white feathers.

To make the head look really white add a little color to the background behind it.  Sometimes you can do this by rubbing a little tissue over the pencil and smearing it around to it a soft greay look that makes the white look whiter.

How to draw an eagle example

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