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How to Draw a Pirate Ship. Easy Worksheet

This is an easy ship to draw and perfect for the young or beginner artist. Since pirates used whatever ship they could get their hands on there really was not a special kind of pirate ship that they all had to look like. So, don't get upset if yours don't look just like you want it to there might have been one just like the one you made.

This free printable drawing worksheet may be downloaded to your device and printed easily. Remember to use the greyscale setting so you get the shadows in the illustration.

How to draw a pirate ship worksheet.
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Draw the horizon first. The horizon is where the sky meets the ocean. I draw it first so the horizon is level all the way across the picture. If you goof it up just draw an island in the background but wait for the end for any changes like that.

The outline of the little pirate ship starts out to look like a shoe. The front is a curved line, then draw a second parallel line/ there are two since this is a big piece of wood on the old ships. The back of the ship is a line going mostly up and down but tilted back a little at the top. The bottom and top of the boat is a straight horizontal.

The masts are about as high as the body is long. My example has only two but you can have one or four if you like. I thought it looked better to keep it simple. The mast tilt back slightly. Draw them lightly so if you have to erase over some of them to draw the sails it will be easy. Don't forget the mast that sticks out at the front.

The sails are basic shapes of square and triangles but slightly curved, they do not need to be perfect since in real life sails flap around in the wind.

If you are happy with the basic design then go over it and erase any extra lines that needs to be cleaned up.
Add details like cannon holes, ropes, rudder, anchor, port holes, box like places where stuff would be kept, and maybe a pirate or two.
The waves far away, near the horizon line, are smaller and the waves in the foreground toward the bottom are larger.

Go over your drawing in a darker pencil or color pencils or markers.
If you take your time it will look good.

Illustration for how to draw a pirate ship easy worksheet

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