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Thursday, May 3, 2012

How To Draw An Elephant. Easy Worksheet

This free drawing worksheet, How To Draw An Elephant, is an easy drawing lesson. It only takes a few basic shapes and a little practice to draw a beautiful elephant.

How to draw an elephant worksheet.
Start with the large rectangle of the body. Add to that a circle for the head. (We come back to the head later).
The legs are rectangles going in different directions downward. The knees are low and so bend the rectangle for the bottom of the leg low.

The ear is a large triangle kind of sideways.

After you have a good outline start to round it out. Round up slightly at the shoulder. Round up slightly at the hip and the back of the hip where the tail is.  Round down the belly. Round out the bend in the legs. round off the ear.

The toes look like the letter "m."

The ear has rough edges.

The eye is small and is low on the head and toward the back.

Save the fun stuff for last so when you have the body looking good draw the tusk and the trunk.

Elephants have very wrinkly skin. Draw wrinkles across the trunk and legs, with some twisty wrinkles at the knees but keep them light, they are only a detail not a focus.

Shadow the legs on the other side, and shadow around the ear and belly.
How To Draw An Elephant pencil example
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