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How to Draw a Shark Easy Worksheet.

How to Draw a Shark Worksheet.
This free drawing worksheet, How To Draw A Shark, may be downloaded to your device and printed easily. Sharks are easy to draw. You only need to draw two lines and a few triangles.

To print the worksheet below just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. If you have problems see the how to print tab above or try one of the updated links below.
How to draw a shark worksheet updated. 

Here are two files that have been updated to print better.

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Use a light pencil to start with to make an outline. You will go over it later with a darker drawing pencil or colors.

The first line is a line for the bottom it is almost straight but curves down a little at the chest and then up slightly at the front. The second line is curved for the back. The curve is highest over the shoulder and long going down to the tail.

The fins are all triangles at first then you need to make them rounded. The dorsal fin is the one on to the top and is near the center. There are many kinds of sharks and they have the dorsal fin in different places some are more forward and some more back. After you have it outlined it then give the back of the fin a slight double curve like a letter "S".

The tail is two skinny triangles one long on the top and one short on the bottom. The top one has a slight bend forward at the top and the bottom one has a slight bend backwards.

The longest fin is the forward fin it is a skinny triangle the front has a slight roundness toward the back.

There is a little fin underneath by the tail and another small fin at the bottom over half way back.
The eye is catlike but black, there is a shiny spot from the clear membrane over the eye. There is a white ring around the eye.

The gills are five curved lines where he should have an ear.

Sharks have a nostril in its nose, it is like a dot with a skinny "C" shape going down.

Color your shark grey or blue. They are dark on top and white underneath, but there are many kinds of shark and some have different colors.

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