Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Draw a Mailbox Easy Worksheet

This free drawing worksheet, How To Draw A Rural Mailbox, may be downloaded to your device and printed easily.

How to Draw a Rural Mailbox Worksheet.
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You see these mailboxes on post all over the countryside.  With a few flowers they make a nice addition to a picture or the focus of a picture.

You can use a ruler to get the lines straight, but if you don't it is OK since they get weather worn and are often not straight.

I start with the post. Use three parallel lines for the  up and down post. Two lines make the horizontal arm or shelf the mailbox sits on and three parallel lines at an angle for the supporting brace.

The wood has "grain" so draw some rough lines back and forth going the way of the pieces of wood.

Te top is pointed in mine but you can make yours flat. The mailbox is just a horizontal line and an arch at the end.

Don't forget the little flag.

The flowers on the post are circles with dark centers and the leaves are drawn like hearts and spades. The grass is long up close and the grass far away is short. The lilies under the mailbox are like cones on thin stalks.

The road is wide at the bottom and gets narrow far away.

I draw the background lightly so it looks far away, there is a row of bushes and behind that a row of trees.

Watercolor illustration for how to draw a mailbox.
(c) Adron

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