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How To Draw A Palm Tree Lesson Worksheet

How To Draw A Palm Tree, is a simple how to draw worksheet that will give the young artist confidence in drawing a simple palm tree. It can be part of a larger scene or as a stand alone picture.  Parents, teachers and homeschool families will be able to use this at school and at home. It is a perfect project to fill in a few extra minutes of class time or it can be an art lesson all by itself.

Palm trees add interest and scope to pictures of the beach or the islands. They are easy to draw and mistakes are easy to fix.
FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your picture doesn't turn out OK then do not get discouraged, you learned something in the process and because of that your next picture will be better. Try do find different things to draw, you can come back every day and print a few how to draw lessons and try different subjects. If you do not give up you will be a great artist before you know it.
 Come back often and try a few projects for ideas.

Just highlight and send to your printer or save for later, if you have problems see the HOW TO PRINT tab above for some suggestions.

Worksheet for art lesson on how to draw a palm tree.
How To Draw a Palm Tree Worksheet.

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The basic shape is like a lolly-pop with a curved stick. Draw really light so you can erase. Don't make the trunk straight but make the trunk curved or shaped like an "S." It starts out as two lines that are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top but keep it skinny.

Start the leaves by making ten or eleven lines from the top of the trunk outward to the circle of the "lolly-pop." Group them in twos and threes and leave a few gaps to give interest. Draw the leaves by outlining them first; use two lines that go from the top of the trunk to the edge marked by the ten or so lines you drew before, they should look like swords or feathers. Draw them each different; some are going to be turned, some will be twisted, and for some only one side is showing. Erase the extra marks. Finish the leaves with short lines going out from the long center leaf lines. Avoid repeated patterns.

The coconuts are ovals, draw only two or three. They are grouped together at the top of the trunk. Don't make them side by side put one behind and only part showing.

The bottom of the trunk spreads out just a little, its roots are like fingers.

At this point, you may want to go over it with markers or color pencils.

Add shadows to the trunk, leaves ground and coconuts. Add a beach, a boat,  the ocean and maybe a sunset or a seagull.

Don't rush through it take your time and take a few breaks. It will be a drawing you can be proud of.

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