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How To Draw A Scarecrow Man Worksheet

How to Draw A Scarecrow.
This free printable drawing worksheet, How To Draw A Scarecrow, is an easy drawing project for a young artist or a beginner. Very few rules apply since a scarecrow man is made out of rags and straw, so if an arm or leg is too long that is OK because after a few days in weather it gets roughed up.

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How to draw a scarecrow worksheet, (enhanced image)

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Quickly scribble out a basic design. It starts like a stick figure with wide shoulders, then dress the stick figure in coveralls and shirt. The hands are a little lower than half way down. Have some straw sticking out of the cuffs of the shirt and the bottom of the pants.

The head is just a circle with a happy face drawn on it. Sketch a handkerchief around the neck; it is like two triangles, a circle for the knot, and a scribble for the ends.

The hands are just gloves stuffed with straw so they do not have the correct shape. You can scribble them out and then color them in dark.

The shoes look like peanuts with laces. Just draw the peanut shapes then make sure the bottom is flat. Draw some "Xs" for the crisscross laces.

The hat is maybe the hardest part. Draw a rectangle for the top then draw two curving lines for the brim; one curving line goes across the front and dips down on the outside edges, the second is in two parts, one on each side of the head half way down, this is for the back brim of the hat and will curve up to touch the tips of the front line that curves down.

The pole is two dark lines going from the ground up to his back.

Draw his world by scribbling across the ground with light and then dark pencils. Draw the field as long lines going up and down but topped with short choppy lines for the tops of the grain. Draw the farm and hills very simply so the attention is on the scarecrow man.

Illustration how to draw a Scarecrow 

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