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How To Draw A Simple Rose. Lesson and Worksheet

How to Draw A Rose. 
This free printable drawing worksheet, How To Draw a Simple Rose, is an easy drawing lesson for the young artist or the beginner. It is a popular theme and makes a wonderful greeting card or framed art.

The worksheet may printed by highlighting it and sending it to your printer or saving to your device and printing later. Some people have better luck by dragging the image off to the desktop and then printing from there. If you need help see the how to print tab above, or try one of the updated links below.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT:  If your drawings do not turn out the way you were hoping do not give up, learning to draw takes practice. Draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back to this blog often and try some of my other projects.

How to draw a rose worksheet. Updated.

Here are two files that have been updated to look better and print better.

CLICK HERE for a file in photo format.
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This is not a hard project as one would think; once you recognize the basic and simple shapes you just put them together and add details.

Start with a large "U" shape, with a small circle beneath. Draw this lightly so you can erase as needed later on. Outline the stem by drawing two lines one for each side of the stem.

Lightly draw the outline of the three leaves, they almost make a cross. The leaves are shaped like teardrops. For interest put one of the leaves behind the rose or the stem.

Going back to the rose petal, use three curved lines to make the petals, one going down from the left top, one starting halfway up from the first and the third going up to the top right. Draw three short wiggly lines on the top, together they will cross the top. There are four leaves under the blossom, they are like triangles going out and away with a little curve.  Now you may need to erase a few of the lines you did before.

The three leaves have veins going down the middle and veins going out to the sides from the one in the middle- don't make too many. The edge of the leaves have points all the way around draw about seven or eight on each side.

Use soft grey shadow and just a little dark grey shadow on the shady edge to make the rose look round.

Illustration for How to Draw A Rose

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