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How To Draw A Blimp, Worksheet.

This printable how to draw an airship worksheet and lesson is fun for the imaginative young artist.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your drawing does not turn out perfect do not get discouraged, no one is as hard on themselves as a true artist. Learning to draw takes practice so draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back often and try some of my other projects.
How to Draw a Blimp. Art Lesson and Worksheet.
To print the worksheet just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. Some people have better luck by dragging the image to the desktop and printing from there. If you have problems see the how to print tab above for help.

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It is easy to draw the basic design but there is no end of variations a creative mind can give it.

I only show one here but I have a list of ideas at the bottom.

Begin by drawing lightly so you can erase extra marks later. Start with the basic oval shape but a little pointed at both ends. I suggest a guideline across the center to keep things even and the ends level to each other.

I draw a rectangle where I want the large rear fins to go. This helps to make sure one doesn't stick out farther or one starts too far forward since I use the rectangle to be a guideline.

There are many ways to make the fins they can be straight lines or curves or circles. I chose the rocket fin design for my example. The fin in the center is drawn right on the center guideline.

I use another guideline to keep the two rear motors even with each other. The motors are circles with a square then some shading and a few marks for vents. The propellers are very thin figure "8s."

Underneath the blimp is a gondola, it is like a passenger area. It is an oval. I started by drawing a square and then making the lines curve up and down to give the round shape.

Once you have the basic ideas in place erase your extra lines.

You can add things like:
     * Antenna.
     * Windows
     * A ladder or anchor or swing hanging below.
     * A bird's nest on the top,
     * A telescope sticking out,
     * More doors and window.
     * A flag can hang behind it.
     * Birds can be landing on it.
     * Parachutes underneath,
     * Weather vanes on top.
     * Solar cells.
You might want to go over your drawing with a fine tipped marker then color it in with color pencils.

Draw a world below it.
Let your imagination go wild.

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