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How to Draw a Young Wizard Worksheet.

This free printable how to draw worksheet helps young artist gain confidence in drawing. There are some elements of manga art and classic American comic book style in this project.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your drawing does not turn out perfect do not get discouraged, no one is as hard on themselves as a true artist. Learning to draw takes practice so draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back often and try some of my other projects.

How to Draw a Young Wizard Worksheet
To print just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. Some people have best results by dragging the image to the desktop and printing from there. If you have problems see the how to print tab above.

Start by drawing a stick figure with joints at the elbows and knees. Try a few different poses on some scratch paper. Use a large triangle for the chest and a line across the hips to indicate how wide he is. Make the pose interesting by having your wizard doing something or holding something.

Once the pose is decided on fill out the body with the shapes of the muscles. They are long and rounded. The youth is not very broad, he has narrow shoulders and he is thin.

The hands are like squares, with lines for fingers. The right hand has a palm up position the thumb is outside. The left hand has a palm forward position and the thumb is up.

Keep the face simple. It is a narrow face and has a small chin. Draw the features with only a few lines and they are mostly straight since he is not showing much expression.

When the proportions are right draw the clothes. Keep them flowing and follow the shape of his body. Give the clothes flowing graceful lines. Make some of the lines broad and some narrow for interest. Use shadow to make the clothes rounded.

The orb has some electric magic coming out and going to the staff. Use different lines that are choppy and short. This will give variety and interest to the project.
How To Draw The Young Wizard

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