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Saturday, January 19, 2013

How To Draw A Tiger Worksheet

This free printable how to draw worksheet and lesson is a fun and rewarding project to help the young artist develop confidence in drawing.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your drawing does not turn out perfect do not get discouraged, no one is as hard on themselves as a true artist. Learning to draw takes practice so draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back often and try some of my other projects.

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To print just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later.If you have problems printing see the How To Print tab above.
Worksheet For How To Draw a Tiger.

To print just highlight the image and send to your printer or save to your device to print later. Some people have best results by dragging the image to the desktop and printing from there. If you have problems see the how to print tab above for some suggestions.

This tiger is posed as if he was carefully stalking its prey, the head is low, the eyes are focused and a foot is up in mid-stride he is frozen waiting the moment to charge.

To compose the basic shape of the tiger this project uses a combination of techniques. Start by using circle shapes to start the body.

The face is made of two circles, one large and a small one near the bottom of the first large circle for the muzzle. The face is low on the shoulders since his head is down. Big circles make the shoulders and the hips. Two lines that slightly curve down make the back and tummy.

The legs can be posed in many different ways. We change technique for the legs and use the "Articulated stick figure" method. Draw straight lines for the bones of the leg and circles to mark the joints. Once you are happy with the length and the position of the legs then add flesh to the legs. Save the stripes for last.

The details of the face are simple, just use a few lines that curve.
  1. The longest line starts at the corner of the top of the eye, it curves down and becomes the ridge of the nose, it goes to the bottom of the large circle and curves back up; it looks like a large backward letter "S."    
  2. The mouth is like two parentheses, ( ), .out of order  ) ( but touching each other in the middle. The top of the parenthesis make the bottom of the nose and then they curve a little farther than normal to make the sides of the upper mouth. 
  3. The bottom of the mouth is like a letter "u." 
  4. The tiger's ears are rounded; they are on the top sides of the head. 
  5. The eyes are almond shaped that point up and outward just slightly. Inside the almond shape is a circle, but the circle is bigger than the almond shape, so part of the circle on top is missing. The pupil is not round like a human but diamond shaped.
  6. This tiger has three stripes on each side of the face that curve, three above each eye going across, one straight up and down in the center of the forehead and two stripes between the ears.
Don't overdo the stripes. Every tiger has different stripes. The stripes curve like they are going around his body not just straight up and down. The stripes are thickest at the back and narrow down to the tummy, (but some tigers have thick stripes on the side and a few thin ones on top). The stripes on the legs angle down from the back to the front so the back of the strip is higher on the leg. The stomach is white.

There are many different types of tigers around the world. If your tiger doesn't turn out the way you want don't get upset it might have been one of the others you drew by accident.

Illustration For How to Draw a Tiger

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