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Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to Draw a Garden Gate Worksheet

This free printable how to draw a garden gate worksheet may be downloaded to your device and printed easily. If you have problems printing this see the how to print tab for suggestions.

A garden gate can be an interesting feature in a landscape or a rural scene. This project is not difficult and can be rewarding as a confidence builder.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw takes practice so do not get discouraged if your first drawings do not turn out like you wanted. Keep drawing- a real artist are always the ones who are most hard on themselves. So don't give up. Come back and do some of my other projects and in no time you will be making beautiful pictures.

How to Draw a Garden Gate Worksheet

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Start with the middle ground and draw a wiggly line for the bushes at the bottom of the fence. Then draw a guideline for the top of the fence. A third wiggly line makes the horizon with a line of distant tree tops.

Draw a large "S" for the path. You will erase part of this later so draw lightly. The path is wider at the bottom and narrower by the gate.

Draw the fence slats as thin rectangles standing in a row.Give them an edge you can do this with a shadow on one side so they won't look flat.

The gate is open so the lines get closer by the edge of the gate.

Using a louse scribbling technique outline the tree behind the fence.

Add details to the fence like the cross beam, the hinges, and texture to the bushes at the bottom.

The bushes across the field are darker so the fence is in light contrast.

The stone steps are bigger at the bottom of the picture and smaller at the top.

Use different texture on the tree trunk and on the leaves.

Add texture to the distant trees but keep it simple.

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