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How To Draw An old Time Car Worksheet

This how to draw an old time car is a great way to give the young artist confidence in drawing. It uses a few basic shapes to develop the design

Parents, homeschool classes and teachers may print this for personal and class use.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your drawing does not turn out the way you hoped do not give up- no one is as critical of their work as much as a true artist!. Learning to draw takes practice, so draw every day, and come back and print another worksheet soon you will be an artist. Try different projects and draw a lot of different stuff, I have a lot of worksheets to choose from so do something different every day and soon you will find what your talent is.

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How to Draw an Old Time Car Worksheet
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You may want to print the project notes below.

Learning how to draw takes practice so come back every day and choose a few how to draw worksheets and in no time you will be a good artist. If you first pictures do not turn out like you hoped do not get discouraged because you will be learning things and your next picture will be better. I have a lot of drawing projects for the young artist so try a few.

This drawing is in 3/4 view so we see a little of the side and the front.

Use basic shapes to form the outline of the old time car. A square for the body of the cab and a smaller square for the engine cover. There is a triangle shape on the top front of the engine. Divide the squares into rectangles going up. Add the circles for the wheels . Draw a line across the ground to keep the wheels even.

There are windows on the front and two on the side. You can see inside through the window, so put something in there. There is an oval window on the inside back. The seat is four diagonal lines. There is a triangle connecting wheels under the front. The front engine has a square with some lines and the side of the engine has five short lines going down for air vents.  The headlights are ovals.

Draw the lines that round off the fenders. It is two lines that go over each wheel and all the way across the lower part of the body.

Each wheel is three large circles; two are narrow for the iron rim and one is wider for the rubber tire. There is a round hub in the center. Each wheel has twelve wooden spokes. Mark them off around the rim lightly before you draw them in. it will look like a clock face at first.

Take your time and you will have a drawing you will be proud of.

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