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How to Draw An Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Worksheet

How to Draw an Ankylosaurus Dinosaur is a project for the young artist that will give him satisfaction and confidence in drawing.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw is like all things takes practice so draw every day. Come back everyday to print a few more worksheets and if you draw them you will be amazed at what a good artist you will become. I have a lot of how to draw worksheets so if this project doesn't work out try a few others you will find something that you have talent for.

How To Draw An Ankylosaurus Worksheet
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Draw a basic outline of the Ankylosaurus. The body is an arch shape across the back and flat underneath. The tail is almost as long as the body. The rear legs are halfway between the tip of the nose and the tip of the tail, start with a stick figure technique to get the position right.  The head is a triangle shape.

Use three or four guidelines from the neck to the tail to keep the rows of armor even. Lightly draw 13 or 15 lines across to make a checker pattern. The armor on the back is bumps or spikes drawn in each piece of the grid. There are spikes on the edge they are like triangles that are curved backward. They are smaller at the neck and bigger at the waist and smaller at the tail. There is a club on the end of the tail

Draw the legs around the stick figure lines. Use a guideline to keep the feet level. The legs are thick. The belly sags a little.
The head has two spikes one is behind the head going up and one is at the bottom back of the jaw pointing down and back.  There are two rows of bumps on the top of the head. The eye is under a thick eyebrow. The mouth has a down turn at the front like a bird beak

Use shadows to make the far leg look like they are on the other side. Put shadows under the spikes and between the armor plates.

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