Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How To Draw A Castle Gate Worksheet

How to draw a castle gate drawing lesson and printable worksheet.

How to draw the castle gate project is helpful for the young artist to add perspective and realism to their fantasy or historical drawings and will give confidence in their artwork.

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How To Draw A Castle Gate Worksheet.

Sometimes it takes me hours but I create these how-to-draw worksheets but I do it so that I can give back because I believe that when you have been given a gift it is so you can be a gift to others, and I hope these worksheets are a means of blessing to you. You are welcome to print as many as you like.

Thank you!

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The castle gate is a collection of geometric forms arranged on the drawing and then detailed to create the desired scene.

Use basic shapes of cylinders, rectangles and half circles to organize the basic outline. The towers on each side of the gate are forward a little so the bottom will be lower in the scene than the walls. The bottom of the tower curves downward and the top curves upward.

Use guidelines to keep things even, draw the guideline for the top and bottom of the wall all the way across, even across the towers, so both sides of the wall are even, you can erase the lines later. Use three guidelines for the tops of the towers and the wall so you can draw the shapes that are at the top of the wall.

The gate entrance is an arch draw it like a half-circle over a square.

Once you have the basic design worked out then add the details. The top of the towers and walls have rectangles, draw them lightly using the guidelines and when they are even, then go over them to make it look good. The top has a series of supporting round arch shapes, draw them under the rectangles and add a little decoration like a square or circle at the bottom of each.

The towers have some windows they are rectangular and narrow. The windows have large stone tops and bottoms, draw narrow rectangles for these.

The towers have a guard's door in the bottom. It is a rectangle inside an archway, this door gives a reference so you get a sense of size.

The gate opening shows the thick wide walls on both sides. The bottom of these walls tilt up to the vanishing point, they are in shadow. There may be a door inside one side for the guard. Add shadow on the ground. Draw something inside the castle-like buildings.

The ground has a stone road. Use a grid that is wider at the bottom and narrower at the gate to give the perspective. Then draw over the grid some stones but not all the stones in the road.

The walls are stones. Use a grid to keep things even and then draw some of the stones.

The towers are round the stones wrap around so use curving guidelines to draw them.

Put something inside the castle that you can see through the gate.

(c) Adron D. 10/29/13