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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How To Draw A Goblin Worksheet.

This how to draw a goblin project will give the young artist a rewarding experience as they develop confidence in drawing.

Parents and teachers will find many ways to use this printable project to help the young artist gain confidence in drawing. It can be done in class or at home.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your sketch of the goblin does not turn out the way you had hoped do not give up, you are learning. Learning to draw takes time and practice so come back every day and print off another lesson and if yo draw every day you will be surprised at how quickly you become a good artist.

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How To Draw A Goblin, Worksheet.

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Because I do not like scary subjects I made Mr. Goblin a barber who needs more customer service skills, so the picture has some humor and a story.

Since this is a fantasy creature you can change features and body type to suit your personal project.

Use a stick figure to work out the pose.
     * There is no neck the head is low and looks like the ears are right on top of the shoulder.
     * The head is larger than normal and is like a long upside down egg.
     * The arms are way too long.
     * The legs are short and bowed.
     * He has big hands and big feet.

The face is long and skinny. Use straight choppy lines to give it character.
     * The eyes are high up they are small black dots surrounded by wrinkles.
     * The nose looks like a carrot.
     * The mouth is a small frown.
     * There are lines under the cheek and over the eyebrow.
     * There are frown lines going down the cheek.
     * The ears stick out from the side, give them a little wave.
     * There is straight wire-like hair going up and out.
     * I gave him two small horns on his forehead.

The stick figure tells where to put the shapes. The arms and legs are ovals for the muscles; after they are right trace around them to give them shape.

The hands are like a square with fingers coming out. Draw a square for the back of the hand. Then with a stick figure method draw the three fingers and thumb. Trace around the stick figure fingers then erase the extra lines.

Draw a flat line for the bottom but give it a little hump in the middle. The toe area curves around going high then down over the top of the foot. The back is straight up and down.

Draw the clothes after you have the body developed. Because he is a barber he is wearing a smock, it is like a long shirt with short sleeves. Remember to follow the shape of the body and put some wrinkles. Our goblin has a loincloth that is ragged at the bottom and tied with a rope at the top.

Draw a comb in one hand with some teeth missing, and put a mirror in the other. If you try to draw a screaming face in the mirror keep it simple- it is just to tell the story. Draw some scissors on the floor.

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