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How to Draw A Castle Tower. Worksheet

This free printable worksheet is ideal for use in drawing a background to a scene, or for an addition to a larger piece, or it could be a stand-alone subject. Parents teachers and homeschool families will be able to use this in class or as a do at home project.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning how to draw is as much practice as anything else, so come back everyday and find a few more worksheets to use. Parents, teachers and art students may use these drawing worksheets to get ideas and tips they are helpful for classroom lessons or as a take home project. If the castle tower doesn't work out do not get discouraged it may be you have a talent for landscape or portrait. Find some of my other drawing lessons and try different subjects. If you draw ever day you will become an outstanding artist in no time.

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How To Draw A Castle Tower Worksheet

Here are two links to files that have been updated to be more printable and that have the art cleaned up a little.

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The tower is a cylinder made out of stones.

Start with a basic cylinder shape, this is a rectangle standing up, but not flat on the top since perspective makes the top looked like a slight curve.

Near the top, the walls bend outward in a flair shape. At the top are cutaways in the walls, draw them like rectangles. The top has arches under the edge. The top of the cutaways slope outward, (so rain will drain down and out.)

Decide where you are going to put any windows and lightly draw them in.

The stones are wider at the bottom since many castles used stronger types of stone for the base and lighter smaller stones higher up. Draw guidelines across the tower making sure they arch slightly.  Divide the lines into stones by drawing vertical lines between them. Do not make a checker pattern but draw the lines so they skip a row. None of the lines need to be even. The vertical lines are spaced wider apart at the middle and closer together toward the edges so the tower looks round.

The roof would be made out of wood to give the guards shade. It is a cone, draw it as a triangle with a curved bottom. The curve matches the curve of the tower top. The roof is held up by wooden beams, use straight lines to draw them.

At the top of the tower is the smaller "signal" tower, it is behind the roof. It may have two or three signal flags on it. Draw it with less detail since it is far away.

Add shadow to make the roundness look more believable.

The tower can be by itself, on a rock, connected to a castle wall or connected to a bridge.

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