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How To Draw A Witch And Cauldron Worksheet

How To Draw A Witch
This printable drawing worksheet is project will help young artist to develop character and expression in their drawing.

Parents and teacher will find many ways to use this project to encourage young artist and give them confidence.

To print the worksheet below just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. Some printers work better if you drag the image to your desktop and print from there. If you have problems see the how to print tab above for suggestions. Below are some links to other file formats that may work if this one doesn't.

If your witch does not turn out as you had hoped do not get discouraged. No one is as hard on themselves as a real artist so it shows you are thinking like an artist. Learning to draw takes practice so draw every day, bookmark this blog and come back daily and do another lesson and soon you will be making great art.

Printable How To Draw a Witch Worksheet 

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TIP: save the fun stuff for last like the hat and the cauldron.

The challenge is to pose her as an old person stirring the pot so the hands show in a way that explains what she is doing.

Use a stick figure technique to work out the pose so one hand is at the middle of the stirring ladle and the other is on top this way you show both hands. In the same way put one foot behind the other.

The stick figure should have a very curved back since she is old. Use circles to indicate the location of elbows, shoulders knees and hips.

After the stick figure is satisfactory draw the form around the lines.

We keep the face simple and use choppy straight lines for character. Lightly draw an oval for the head. Use a guideline halfway down going across to place the eyes, another guideline halfway between the first guideline and the chin for the mouth.
     * The nose is large and bends down. The upper lip is two lines like a < under the nose.
     * The lower lip is like the letter C.
     * The mouth is two straight lines the first going back and the second short one tips up.
     * The chin is long and sticks down, it is three or four straight lines going down under and back.
     * The eye is looking down, the eye lid is one line curving down like an upside down rainbow with a half circle near the nose for the eye.
     * Put wrinkles under the eye, and outside the eye, outside the mouth, and under the cheek.
     * Don't forget a few warts and stray hairs on the chin.
     * Draw the hair last as a few straight lines going outward.

Keep the hands simple. Use straight lines. The lower one is closer to the viewer and the back of the hand is drawn as a square with three short lines that indicate the fingers. The thumb is on the top and goes behind the ladle.
The far hand is on top of the ladle. Draw the thumb inside toward the witch and the fingers on the far side.

She wears boots, draw them like boxes on her feet with rectangles for the heals.

Now the fun and easy stuff. The cauldron is a half circle with an oval for the top. It is on logs that are circles on the ends of rectangles. The fire is wiggly lines. Make the cauldron dark so the fire shows up. Use shading technique to give it roundness, by making the edged darker than the center.

Draw the clothing with straight lines and drape the clothing around the form by drawing around the stick figure. There will be wrinkles and folds where the elbows, waist and knees create angles in the clothing. The far sleeve is in shadow so it looks away from the near sleeve. Give her a scarf or shawl on the shoulder draping down the back or front.

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