Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Draw A Spaceship Worksheet. Space Scout Ship.

This is an easy project for the young artist.  It is fun to draw space ships and imagine what the future will be like. This project is how to draw a Space Scout Ship, that is supposed to be fast and ready for adventure.

Parents, teachers, and homeschool families will find lots of ways to use this in class and home.

How To Draw A Space Ship Worksheet
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Start with a basic design. It is good to work out ideas on something that you can throw away when you are finished.

Our design is the classic rocket design with a teardrop shape.  Use a guideline down the center to help keep things even on both sides. Use guide lines to keep the front and rear of the fins even. You will erase these guidelines later.

The scout ship has four wings or fins, with a rocket and motor on each one. Use the guidelines to keep them even. The fins taper down and back. The rockets are long cylinders with a point at one end and a ball shape the end where the rocket fire comes out, trace coins or buttons to get the circles right. You might want to draw one and then trace it each time for all the rest.

Add details. If you want to have windows or doors keep them small, that makes the spaceship look big. Add a few flames at the bottom of the rockets. Have a laser guns poking out or a landing dock.

Use shadow to make it look round.

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