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Beginning Lesson For Drawing Cartoon Characters, Worksheet

How to draw cartoon characters worksheet teaches the beginning artist to draw expressive characters. The purpose is to keep things simple at first and leave out anything that is not necessary. This exercise helps to practice drawing expressive eyes.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your drawings of cartoon gourd people do not turn out the way you want do not give up you are learning to draw and it takes practice. Come back every day and print off another worksheet and if you sketch it each day soon you will be surprised at what a good artist you are becoming.

How To Draw Cartoon Characters Worksheet.
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Our characters are shaped like gourds or rocks or water bubbles, with eyes.

Draw two circles a large one and a smaller one above it. Outline the circles to make a gourd shape. Add feet like blobs or peanut shapes if you like, this gives opportunity to practice basic body pose.

Our gourd people are all about eyes. Draw different eyes to express different emotions and feelings. Example...

     Surprise: Two circles side by side with black dots in the center. Eyebrows are high.
     Disgust:  The top of the eye is a low curve and a half dot under each. Eyebrows are low.
     Worry Eyes curved at the top, Dots to the side. Eyebrows to the side slightly.
     Curiosity: The eyes are wide open the dots to the side, eyebrows are high.
     Anger: Eyes tilt down leaning toward middle, with a half dot under the eye lid.
     Embarrassment: Dot in the middle and outline at the sides.

Try different gourd shapes to express emotion.

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