Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How To Draw A Young Elf Warrior

This printable how to draw worksheet is a simple face at the three-quarter view. Parents, teachers and homeschool families may print this how to draw lesson for personal or class use.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw takes practice so draw every day and you will get better. I have a lot of how to draw worksheets you can do a few each day and soon you will be surprised at what a good artist you are.

How To Draw The Young Elf Worksheet. 
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The elf youth has a slightly larger forehead and smaller chin.

Start with a circle then below the circle draw a triangle for the jaw and chin. Use guidelines to keep things even; one guideline will go down the face a little over from center since the face is slightly turned away. Use a guideline for the eyes a little lower than half way down the face. The nose is about halfway from the eyes to the chin.

The eyes are almond shaped and a little pointed up on the outside.

The nose is like a ball with a little ball next to it. Use a line to connect the nose to the eyebrow on one side

The mouth is just three lines. The upper lip is stretched into a smile and is only a straight line going across the face close to the nose. The lower lip is two curved lines.

The ears are triangles that point up and outward.

The neck on one side is a straight line that is in line with the nose going down. The neck on the other side starts at the ear and goes down until it curves into the shoulder.

After you have a nice face draw the shirt and the hat. Add shadows to give the features roundness. The hair and eyebrows are last.

Illustration for How To Draw a Young Elf Warrior.

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