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How to Draw A Clenched Fist Worksheet

This how to draw a clenched fist project will help the young artist and the beginner to develop confidence in drawing. Parents, teacher, home-school families and art students may copy the how to draw worksheet below for personal and class use. It can be used as a lesson by itself or given as an extra time project or sent home as a work on your own assignment.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Do not get discouraged if your drawings do not turn out the way you want them to, if you get frustrated it is a good sign that you have the gift of art because you know how you want it to look- you only need to get your skill level up to the same level as your talent and you do that by practice. Draw every day and you will get better. I have a lot of how to draw worksheets you can do a few each day and soon you will be surprised at what a good artist you are.

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How To Draw A Clenched Fist


Drawing takes practice so sketch every day and you will improve. If the clenched fist picture does not turn out the way you like it then do not get discouraged it is part of the learning process- your next picture will be better. Come back every day for a few weeks and print some more of these lessons, because if you keep drawing you will be surprised at how good an artist you will become.

The fist is not hard to draw, but there are just a few features you must keep in mind. The shape is not really round and not really square but a combination of both. The thumb makes it look off balance since it is to the side of center.

Start with a large circle for the basic fist shape. Below the circle draw two lines for the wrist and forearm. One line is directly below the pinkie finger, the other is about a third of the way from the outside on the thumb side.

The edge of the palm beside the pinkie is not straight but is folded outward and looks like a little triangle. The base of the palm curves in a little to join the wrist and forearm.

Draw a curving guideline for the top knuckles of the fingers. Half way between the knuckles and wrist draw another guideline for the fingertips. Divide the space into the four fingers by drawing five vertical lines. Round off the top and bottom of the fingers. The fingernails are hardly visible.

The thumb can cover the first or first and second fingers. The outside edge of the thumb is three straight lines. The inside shape is three curved lines.

The arm gets wider the further away from the hand. There are tendons in the wrist that look like long ridges use shadow technique to draw these it. It could be two or three lines.

There are wrinkles in the palm. There are three wrinkles across the wrist. There are wrinkles across the knuckles.

Use shading technique to give the fist roundness. The darkest area is inside of the palm by the fingertips.

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